We are focused on creating successful outcomes and take our responsibility to donors seriously. We are happy to personally answer any additional questions you may have regarding our funding programs.

All tax-exempt organizations are required to annually file with a Form 990 to the IRS. Our Form 990s are posted to the site as they become available. Typically, the Form 990 is available in the spring of the year following filing. Learn more about the Foundation’s tax-exempt status.

PWD-Related Research

It can take hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund breed-specific research. Our reserves vary, but our goal is to keep funds in reserve for this purpose. This provides stability when there is a breed-specific research study that is funded by the Foundation and still allows us to meet the co-sponsored funding obligations for general canine health research.

Financial Founders

The following individuals helped to establish the financial well-being of the Portuguese Water Dog Foundation, Inc.
  • Carole Doerr Allen
  • Ann Gardner Arens
  • Jim & Ann Gardner Arens
  • Joan C. & Paul Bendure
  • Norman & Susan Bogdanow
  • Dr. Virginia Brown
  • Janet Danford-Comer & The Ralph E. Danford Trust
  • Adelaide & Lorenz Cueni
  • Jane & Stu Freeman
  • Hank & Rita Galaska
  • Linda Hanson & Mike Korchinsy
  • Mary C. & Bill Harkins
  • Theresa D. Herman
  • Pat Hogan
  • Linda K. & Krista K. Hunt
  • Maralee Johnson
  • Andrew & Angela Kalmanash / Ruff Wave PWDs
  • Jayne L. Kenyon
  • Carolyn Miller Knutson
  • Jessie & Chuck Kushell in memory of Camerell’s Duel at Diablo
  • Joan & Richard Lehach
  • Joan T. Lehman, “Southfield”
  • Carol M. Mattingley & Ann Bowley
  • McEwen Family Foundation
  • Norm & Jan Mosher in memory of Camerell’s Dominicao & CH High Meadow Alexis of Brinmar
  • Maryanne B. Murray & Linwood A. Kulp
  • J. D. & Ann Northway
  • John Piper & Deborah Tuttle
  • Dorothy Rouse-Bottom in honor of CH Carousel Faye Britomart & CH Septimus Severus, her son
  • Robert & Virginia Santoli
  • B. J. Ridings Schaffer
  • Joseph & Maria C. Schoenfelder
  • Charles & Margaret Schreiber in memory of CH Neocles Candida
  • Elaine Suter
  • Susan Shaw Teasley
  • Charles White & Cathy Cates /Skyline Art
  • Geri Zuckerman