Puppy Eye Syndrome Match Gift Challenge Met

Thank you to all our generous donors who participated in the Puppy Eye Syndrome matching gift challenge, generously provided by Peggy Helming and Milan Lint.

We were able to double the impact of your gifts and not only reach, but exceeded our goal of $10,000. Thank you for your commitment to Portuguese Water Dog health.

However, there is still work to be done. Your continued support makes it possible for the Foundation to support other canine health research studies. You can still make a difference.

Our match goal for the Puppy Eye Syndrome (PES) campaign has been met. Additional donations made for Puppy Eye Syndrome (PES) will not be matched.

Matching Gift Challenge Met

The University of Pennsylvania (UPENN) – Section of Medical Genetics, Pediatrics and Reproduction will research to confirm the suspected mode of inheritance, continue to obtain research samples, and to investigate the genetic cause for this disorder in Portuguese Water Dogs as well comparative research in humans.

This research project is jointly funded by the Foundation and the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America. The AKC Canine Health Foundation also supports the funding of this effort and will oversee the administration of funds and scientific progress reporting.

It is a heartache for all of us when puppies are born and at an early age or show signs of microphthalmia and delayed growth, a complex syndrome commonly known in our breed as Puppy Eye Syndrome (PES). Many puppies don’t survive, and the few that do have a shortened life due to this complex syndrome.

The goal of this research is to obtain information that can ultimately lead to genetic testing that would allow for breeding decisions to be made to avoid producing PWD puppies with this syndrome.