CH Aviators Anchors Aweigh

"Anchor" - 12/09/2002 - 10/10/2015

CH Aviators Anchors Aweigh

ANCHOR crosses the Rainbow Bridge–

Sadly, we lost ANCHOR, CH Aviators Anchors Aweigh this year; he was nearly 14 years old. Anchor was our great friend, companion and mentor. He taught us what a PWD should be: dignified yet playful, immensely affectionate yet reserved, intelligent yet mischievous, magnificent to view yet still a puppy at heart, and a determined persistent stud dog. He loved being a stud dog and became the progenitor of the breed in his lifetime producing over 70 down line champions to date.

But, above all, Anchor was our friend, our heart dog. Whatever we have done as breeders, it all came back to this wonderful person it gave us unconditional love, affection and loyalty. We will never see his like again and we will miss him in the future as much as we do right now.

[one_third extra=”” anim=””]Anchor Best Veteran 2012Anchor, Best Veteran 2012[/one_third]
[one_third extra=”” anim=””]Anchor Best Veteran 2010Anchor, Best Veteran 2010[/one_third]
[one_third extra=”” anim=””]Anchor BOW at the NationalAnchor, Best of Winners at the PWDCA National Specialty at age 9 months[/one_third]