Legacy Donations

Types of Planned Gifts

Your planned gift can take many forms. Each gift has different benefits for you and for the Portuguese Water Dog Foundation. We recommend that you consult with a financial professional and/or your attorney when making planned gifts. If you or your attorney need specific information related to your gift, please contact us for more information.


This is usually a written statement in a donor’s Will or Trust directing that specific assets, such as cash, a piece of real estate, the stock from one specific company, or some other specific property, or a percentage of the donor’s specific assets, be transferred to the Portuguese Water Dog Foundation at the donor’s passing.

Life Insurance

This can be an existing policy, either paid or partially paid, or a new policy. If the policy is an existing policy, fully paid, the life insurance gift to the charity is accomplished by naming the Portuguese Water Dog Foundation as the beneficiary of the policy on the beneficiary designation form. Upon the donor’s death, the Portuguese Water Dog Foundation will receive all, or a portion of, the proceeds from the policy depending on the wording of the beneficiary designation.

Retirement Plan Assets

This involves naming the Portuguese Water Dog Foundation as the beneficiary of a qualified retirement plan and will accomplish a planned charitable contribution in the future. It should not cost you any attorney fees and you maintain complete control over the asset while living.

This gifting opportunity merely involves obtaining a beneficiary designation form from your retirement plan administrator and naming the Portuguese Water Dog Foundation as the entire or partial beneficiary of the retirement plan assets upon the owner’s death. A donor may achieve significant income and estate tax savings by naming the Foundation as the beneficiary of their retirement assets. We advise you to consult with your tax advisor regarding your individual tax benefits of such a gift.

Pet Provisions in a Will or Trust

It is important that your PWDs are well cared for even in the event of your death. A pet provision in your Will or Trust can:

  • specify who will care for your dogs when you are gone
  • sets aside funds from your estate for the care of your dogs
  • provides that any remaining funds not used to care for your dogs be left to the Portuguese Water Dog Foundation to continue our mission for healthier and longer lives in our PWDs.