CH NightSkye Luz Da Lua Bars RA, TD, TH, CGC, NW1

"Sampson" - 12/07/2004 - 10/25/2012

CH Nightskye Luz Da Lua Bars RA TD TH CGC NW1, “Sampson”

memorial-sampsoncollageWhat can I say about the most remarkable dog I have ever had? Little did I know all the different paths Sampson would take me on. He was my first show dog and earned his championship at 13 months. I entered my first ever AKC event with him in Rally and he eventually earned his RA title. He then went on to earn his TD title at the 2011 specialty. We were working toward his NW2 title in Nosework. He was always willing to do whatever was asked of him.

But the most important thing in our lives was his therapy work. He visited Overlook Medical Center and visited the staff bringing them so much joy. He also visited the Development Learning Center, a school for autistic children. He would patiently stand there and wait for one or more of the children to come and just touch him.

As Garth Brooks song, The Dance says  “I could have missed the pain but I’d have had to miss the dance” and oh my the dance was so very wonderful. Run free my beautiful boy. We will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. You are always in my memories.