Investigating Cancers and Exposure to Environmental Chemicals

Scientific Title: Detoxification of Environmental Carcinogens by Glutathione-Stransferases in Dogs

Summary: Researchers will find out how the dog’s body breaks down common environmental chemicals that have been linked to cancers in humans.

Description: When dogs or humans are exposed to toxic chemicals in the environment, they use glutathione-S-transferase (GST) enzymes to break down and neutralize those chemicals. When GST enzymes are not working, toxic chemicals sometimes lead to cancers such as lymphoma or bladder cancer. Researchers will test how well four major GST dog enzymes can neutralize several common environmental chemicals, including those found in tobacco smoke and yard products.

Results will provide a clearer understanding of whether individual dogs with low-acting GSTs may be sensitive to specific chemicals and, as a result, more susceptible to developing environmentally associated cancers.

Co-sponsored with the Morris Animal Foundation, Grant Number: D18CA-070


Dr. Lauren A Trepanier
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Amount: $10,000