General Tributes

  • Amigo’s Mars

    Amigo’s Mars MX MXJ XF CGC

    11/22/2002 - 04/09/2009

    What an amazing boy – we treasure every single moment spent together and the joy you brought to our lives. There were so many things we still had to do, but your accomplishments while you were with us far surpassed any expectations we had when you joined our family six short years ago. You were funny, sensitive and an amazing athlete. You lived to run agility and it is remarkable how many lives you touched with your enthusiasm for the sport. You will never ever be forgotten. Our first PWD, first agility dog and always first in our hearts – your spirit lives on forever. We miss you Jazzy boy.

  • Stargazer’s Quixotic Comfort

    Stargazer’s Quixotic Comfort

    "Sancho Panza"
    08/23/1995 - 10/03/2008

    Son of Star (Glenllyn’s Stargazer Lily) and Spinnaker (Fantaseas Spinnaker). Amidst our sorrow though, we comfort ourselves in knowing that if it is at all possible to pursue food thievery on the “other side”, Sancho will be gleefully leading the pack, teaching all those less-skilled K9s how to open cupboard doors (with baby locks), pry open plastic containers and sweep counters. I hope he manages to steal, swipe and swindle all the bread and pasta he can find.

    I know everyone understands when I say he was more than a dog, quite human, and yet void of human foible. We welcomed him as he inserted himself into every available nook and cranny in our lives. He had an endless supply of happiness to dole out which I often relied upon.

    Simply looking at him made me smile, every single time. That is something.

  • CH Bantry B & B Bantry, “Izzy”

    CH Bantry B & B Bantry

    05/29/1996 - 09/08/2007

    You left us too soon, but we have so many wonderful memories: Our trips to Hatteras, Sunday rides to see the sheep at a nearby farm, playing ball and taking your victory runs only when you caught it. Most of all, you gave us a part of you in Sockratease, SuzieQute, Cappy, and Zeus.

  • AKC/UKC CH KPort Ruff Sport of CnSand AWD NA CGC TDI AOM BROM

    AKC/UKC CH KPort Ruff Sport of CnSand AWD NA CGC TDI AOM

    03/10/1995 - 02/03/2008

    Rugby epitomized the motto, “Attitude is Everything”. He had a certain presence that was obvious even when he was a young puppy. If you had the opportunity to meet Rugby, you never forgot him. He was an amazing mover, with tremendous reach, drive, and carriage. I was lucky to be able to call him mine. I miss his sense of humor, his enthusiasm, and even how annoying he could be when he wanted something and I was not smart enough to figure out what it was. Bless you Roo Roo.

  • Chessie

    Falcor Hytide Pied Piper

    01/01/1970 - 10/12/2011

    Chessie was the joy in our life for 9-1/2 years before hemangiosarcoma took her from us. One evening we were anchored outside of St. Michaels on the Chesapeake and the next day she left us. She bounced out of the bedroom every morning waiting to see what trouble she could get into and delighted us the entire day with her Portie antics… Oh how we miss her.

  • CH Sunnyhill Dom Benjamin, “Benjamin”

    CH Sunnyhill Dom Benjamin

    05/05/1997 - 02/19/2011

    His heart was as big as the universe with antics of determined independence. After a minute of staunch resolution and great joy, he would give a big smile, tongue hanging out, and do exactly as you asked quietly knowing he had won. After all, he would hear “Good Boy” and get that special place scratched on his back!

    See you soon my friend.

  • Beacon Hill’s Tidal Wave

    Beacon Hill’s Tidal Wave CDX

    06/13/2001 - 12/29/2006

    Figo was our first PWD. We asked his breeder, Debbie Gressle, for a family pet and therapy dog. She chose the perfect puppy for those jobs. However, Figo didn’t stop there. He took us to places, like water work and serious obedience, we never dreamed of going. His sudden early death from lymphoma was, and still is, devastating. He was not our last PWD, but he was likely the best.

  • Pennkrest Sam I Am CDX CWDX, “Sam”

    Pennkrest Sam I Am CDX CWDX

    03/06/1998 - 11/07/2006

    Sam was a wonderful dog. He loved water and obedience and was the ONLY dog I ever owned that completed his CDX in three tries. When Sam was happy, he would jump up and down on his back legs over my head, much to the astonishment of the obedience judges and others who didn’t know him. People would stop ringside to watch his antics. Sam loved everyone, other dogs, people, and especially children. And Sam loved us. I can’t begin to tell you how much we miss him. He died at 8 years of age of hemangiosarcoma (Georgie project autopsy). We are so thankful to the PWD Foundation for their commitment to the research into this devastating disease.