Research Update CHF 02780 MY3: Bladder Carcinogen Exposures in Pet Dogs

Bladder cancer case recruitment has been steady through our alliance with Antech, which is attaching our study flyer to all BRAF urine tests that are positive for bladder cancer. We are now enrolling 2-3 dogs with bladder cancer per month. We also have a list of possible matched controls through our expanded outreach through Facebook. We have recorded questionnaire data encoded for all dog kits that have been returned to us.

We also obtained additional internal funding to add analyses of arsenic in tap water and household dust, acrolein in household air, and metabolites of acrolein and arsenic from owner urine, in a subset of dog households. Our hypothesis is that these household and owner chemical exposures will be higher in TCC case homes compared to TCC control homes. These data will be included in the final publication.

Mid Year 3 Research Update Dr. Trepanier Bladder carcinogen exposures.