Dedicated Tributes

  • CH Scylla’s Baby Dock

    CH Scylla’s Baby Dock NA

    05/31/1997 - 05/06/2007
    I was born in Deb’s house and I was the most independent puppy of the lot. At 10 weeks of age I went to Laura’s house and lived there for the rest of my life. I guess you could say I had two moms. I learned about the water when I was very young. In […]
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  • Nina


    02/18/1995 - 10/18/2008
    Conversational. In a word, that was our beloved Nina. For almost fourteen years, she told us what she wanted, and listened to what we had to say. She helped raise Jordan & Danny every step of the way. Nina played “keep away” with Danny’s favorite toy to encourage him to learn to walk. She attended […]
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  • Alto Mare Brisa de Briosa

    U-CDX Alto Mare Brisa de Briosa CD, AWD, NA, CGC, ROM

    03/15/1989 - 04/01/2002
    From the time she leapt into our hearts and life, Cassie began each day as a great adventure. She was an agile hunter and loved digging giant holes. Once, she even caught a trout in the stream! Her joy of scrambling up and down the most rugged pile of boulders took my breath away. Down […]
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  • CH Nightskye Luz Da Lua Bars RA TD TH CGC NW1, “Sampson”

    CH NightSkye Luz Da Lua Bars RA, TD, TH, CGC, NW1

    12/07/2004 - 10/25/2012
    What can I say about the most remarkable dog I have ever had? Little did I know all the different paths Sampson would take me on. He was my first show dog and earned his championship at 13 months. I entered my first ever AKC event with him in Rally and he eventually earned his […]
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  • Captain Nemo

    CH Eden Captain Nemo of Charkit UD, TD, AWD, CGC, TDI, SROM

    02/17/1993 - 07/04/2007
    Sweetheart, you will be with us forever. Thank you for lighting up our lives for 14-1/2 years, and for the happy wiggle dance you did whenever we walked into the room. Love, Mom and Dad
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