Update for CHF-1889-G Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Cancer

This research update provides information mid-year 2 of a 3-year project looking at prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer in dogs. Principle investigators are Modiano, Breen, and Lindblad-Toh.

This project has completed the first eighteen months. For analysis of the DNA sequence mutations we identified previously, whole genome sequencing of DNA from many golden retriever blood samples from dogs affected by lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma has been performed. Thousands of DNA sequence variants have been detected and are being carefully analyzed. Collection of blood samples from golden retrievers across the US and Europe is complete and over the coming months we will assess the frequency of the risk haplotypes within these two populations.

For evaluation of DNA sequence changes in lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma tumor samples, we have compiled cases providing sufficient material for multiple analytical approaches and the first manuscript is in the pipeline for publication. More than 100 genes were found to have multiple mutations in lymphoma tumors. These genes and mutations are now being further studied to find the mechanisms involved in tumor progression, and to investigate shared and distinct genomic features within and between breeds and tumor subtypes.

We have made new and exciting discoveries that will help us to understand mechanisms of tumor progression and response to therapy, and we have created the infrastructure to integrate clinical performance and outcome data with the molecular properties of the tumors.