Research Update CHF 02780 EY1: Bladder Carcinogen Exposures in Pet Dogs

Right after our AKC Canine Health Foundation grant funding started in March 2020, our lab was closed for 3 months due to COVD-19 and has since been limited to 50% occupancy. In addition, our teaching hospital has had limited appointments since March 2020.

We finished a few validation experiments on our DNA damage assays that were needed before recruitment, and we have started recruiting dogs with bladder cancer and matched controls. We enrolled our first two new cases and two controls this month.

We also received additional funding from the University of Wisconsin to measure environmental chemicals in the air, household dust, and drinking water from case and control households. These assays will be performed in a subset of 25 households of dogs with bladder cancer and 25 control households.

End-year 1 update from Dr. Trepanier.

End-Year-1 Research Update Dr. Trepanier Bladder carcinogen exposures.