Research Update Mid-yr 1 CHF 02624: Embracing Polygenicity of Common Complex Disease in Dogs: Genome-wide Association of Cruciate Ligament Rupture

Cruciate ligament rupture (CR) is a common disabling, degenerative condition of the knee. It places a large financial burden on the American public. Inflammation of the stifle and fraying of cruciate ligament fibers, particularly in the cranial cruciate ligament, eventually leads to ligament rupture with associated stifle instability in affected dogs. CR is a moderately heritable, complex disease with genetic and environmental risk.

We have met our recruitment trajectory for this study during the first six months of the project. We will continue to work hard to recruit additional dogs over the coming months. Dog DNA is currently being prepared for genotyping. Our final dataset will include at least 899 Labrador Retrievers for updated genome-wide association study (GWAS), heritability, and genetic architecture analyses. We anticipate being able to include more than the ~1000 Labrador Retriever dogs in our final data set with ongoing recruitment over the next nine months. We are extremely grateful for the outstanding engagement with this project by the community of Labrador Retriever owners and breeders that we work with.

Mid-Year-1 Research Update Dr. Muir for genetics of cruciate ligament rupture.