Research Update CHF 02624 EY2: Embracing Polygenicity of Common Complex Disease in Dogs: Genome-wide Association of Cruciate Ligament Rupture

We have met our Labrador Retriever recruitment for this study over the past six months. We will continue to complete DNA isolation and marker genotyping of the remaining dogs needed for the study as long as the genotyping service remains open under the Covid-19 pandemic. Public engagement with the project continues to be good.

Over the next 6 months, we will focus on finalizing the marker data set for the study for which we do not yet have SNP genotypes. We will then undertake the computing needed to robustly estimate the heritability of cruciate ligament rupture in the Labrador Retriever and further advance prediction of risk of disease using the genomic marker data.

Our final data set is expected to include more than 1,000 Labrador Retriever dogs as promised under the award. We are extremely grateful for the outstanding engagement with this project by the community of Labrador Retriever owners and breeders that we work with.

End-Year-2 Research Update Dr. Muir for polygenicity of cruciate rupture.