Research Update End-Year-1 for CHF-02519: Prevelance of Bartonella Infection in Dogs with Cardiac and Splenic Hemangiosarcomas

Research update from Dr. Breitschwerdt looking at the potential role of the Tick-Borne bacterial infection, bartonella in the initiation and/or progression of hemangiosarcoma.

We are on track to accomplish all of our aims for this study. We were able to obtain the initial set of samples on April 26, 2018 so we had a short delay in starting the study. We have now received all samples for phase one, categorized, prepped, extracted and tested via qPCR the obtained DNA. A research abstract of the qPCR results has been submitted for the 2019 Annual ACVIM Forum. That abstract is currently under review. We will be publishing additional research from our AKC-CHF study #02287, which will define the criteria for serodiagnosis of Bartonellosis in dogs by Western Blotting (WB). Due to a number of unanticipated problems, that work required additional time and research effort to validate criteria for interpretation of Bartonella spp. WB testing.

We have processed all samples for IFA and WB in this study as well as performed qPCR on all EDTA and tissue samples. We have contacted the collaborating pathologists in the three designated regions. They have defined specific criteria for inclusion into the study. The pathologists have started identifying and collecting samples for testing during year II of the grant. One region has identified, collected and shipped all necessary samples from their region. The other regions will have theirs collected within the next month. These samples will be tested over the next twelve months.

End-Year-1 Research Update Dr. Breitschwerdt for role of TDB (Bartonella) in hemangiosarcoma.