CT-ATE CS-ATE2 C-ATCH2 Neocles William Henry C-10 CGC

CPE agility champ, rally & nose work enthusiast, tunnel scratcher, bagel lover, 70 month cancer survivor (anal sac adenosarcoma), radiant spirit and beloved best friend.

February 1, 2005 was a rainy Tuesday in New Orleans. I made the 90 mile drive to Biloxi, MS. on unfamiliar roads. Later that day, I met Letty Larson Afong and my new 9 week old puppy, Willie. ❤️

Fast forward to November 25, 2011. Willie earned his CPE (Canine Performance Events) C-ATCH!

Six weeks later, Willie saw our vet, AJ Kallet for his annual shots and physical. During the exam, AJ found a small nodule in Willie’s anal sac.

Willie was examined by renowned oncologist Dr. Cecile Siedlecki after the lab reports confirmed anal sac adenosarcoma.

Cecile recommended immediate surgical removal of the nodule followed by 16 rounds of radiation and chemo. She offered me a guarded prognosis of 31 months with aggressive treatment.

Willie had the nodule surgically removed the following day. There was no metastasis and the margins were clean!

Two weeks later, Willie started a challenging course of radiation.

After recovering from radiation, Willie had four Carboplatin infusions. He exhibited few side effects.

In June, 2012, Willie finished the infusions and was able to compete in the CPE nationals. He also started a 7 month course of Palladia, an oral chemo drug with no ill effects.

Willie displayed his joyful demeanor during his many veterinary visits! He played with the staff and displayed silly antics such as jumping on moving gurneys! 😆

For the next 2 1/2 years, Willie was rechecked bi-monthly.

The abdominal ultrasounds and chest x rays showed no signs of metastasis! Willie earned a second CPE C-ATCH and the highest title, a CT-ATE!

In early February, 2015, Cecile Siedlecki found a recurrence in Willie’s abdomen. Our new plan included surgery to remove the malignancy followed by Mitoxantrone infusions and Palladia.

Willie recovered quickly from the surgery and was soon able to resume agility. He exhibited minimal side effects from the Mitoxantrone.

Willie did not tolerate Palladia as well this time. We tried lowering the dose, giving Willie periodic “breaks” and supportive anti-nausea meds.

Willie continued to run agility with a lowered jump height. He earned two additional CS-ATE titles. He was in the CPE top 10 Specialist division nationwide in 2015 and 2016.

By early 2017, Willie was slowing down. I retired him from agility and we started rally and nose work.

In June, 2017, Cecile found possible lung metastasis. We had discontinued Palladia a few months prior because of issues with Willie’s appetite.

The spots on his lungs grew and we confirmed metastasis with a needle biopsy. Willie remained active and in good spirits.

We tried another chemo drug, Lomustine, to address the new cancer without success.

Willie was asymptomatic.

The night before we said goodbye, Willie was his usual silly self. Later that night, he lost use of his hind legs.

Willie lived 70 months despite a 31 month diagnosis. I believe in miracles.



Oreo was born on August 10, 2010, and was best friend and part of the family for Alana, Noah, Lisa and Michael for almost 9 years. He was tragically taken from our lives, but not our hearts on May 17, 2019.

We remember Oreo for the life he led, providing companionship, love, laughs and hugs almost every day.

Oreo and his family encourage all PWD owners to research their diets, talk to their veterinarians and make an educated decision about what you are feeding your loved ones. Don’t just give them food that seems cool or is purported to be healthy, make sure that it is healthy first, cool second.

With love and kisses, we miss you Oreo,
Your Family

Sea Dog Port O’Bella

Sea Dog Port O’Bella

Dearest Bella,

We miss you every single minute of every day. You were so much more than just a pet. You were like a child and the dearest best friend to all four of us. You made each one of us feel like we were your one and only. We are still lost without you loving us like no other and always bossing each of us around with such a personality.

What a character you were with a personality larger than life. We will always cherish all the memories of the special games we played with you, the snuggle naps and all the wonderful vacations we had together. You lived such a full life and explored so many places with your family in your short 6.5 years. Those special times bring huge smiles to our faces but also such pain to our hearts as we still long to look into those big beautiful brown eyes having the best times together.

Even with beating cancer and living with DCM, you were still the happiest girl every single day loving us and playing with your sisters. If we could’ve saved you we would have at any cost. Until we meet again one day in heaven and hold you again baby Bells….

Love You Always & Forever Bella!!!



Driftwoods Morning Glory, RN, CGCA, RATI, CWDX, MAC-1—

I like to borrow a phrase from author, Dean Koontz who talks about dogs having “Big Little Lives.” If that’s true, and I believe it is, then Reagan had the biggest little life of any dog I ever knew. During her little life Reagan opened so many doors for Sarah and me. Her life truly was bigger than she could have ever known. Through Reagan we met lifelong friends, began our journey into performance sports, and learned so much about Portuguese Water Dogs. We will be eternally grateful to my little brown eyed girl for all the gifts she delivered in her short time on earth.

She’s passed on to the ages now, crossing the rainbow bridge in January 2017. But her presence is always with me. Sometimes she visits me in my dreams, where we once again play in the water. She retrieves yet another article that fell off the boat, brings it to me, and then ever so gently rests her head on my shoulder for a nice long hug. Sometimes she jumps again, but most of the time we just sit with each other. Someday maybe we’ll be together again…I certainly hope so. Bliss to you my little Reagantor.

[one_third extra=”” anim=””]Reagan - Working Water Dog, July 2012Working Water Dog, July 2012[/one_third]

[one_third extra=”” anim=””]Reagan - Courier Water Dog Excellent, June 2016Courier Water Dog Excellent, June 2016[/one_third]

[one_third extra=”” anim=””]Reagan - Running Agility, May 2015Running Agility, May 2015[/one_third]

CH Aviators Anchors Aweigh

CH Aviators Anchors Aweigh

ANCHOR crosses the Rainbow Bridge–

Sadly, we lost ANCHOR, CH Aviators Anchors Aweigh this year; he was nearly 14 years old. Anchor was our great friend, companion and mentor. He taught us what a PWD should be: dignified yet playful, immensely affectionate yet reserved, intelligent yet mischievous, magnificent to view yet still a puppy at heart, and a determined persistent stud dog. He loved being a stud dog and became the progenitor of the breed in his lifetime producing over 70 down line champions to date.

But, above all, Anchor was our friend, our heart dog. Whatever we have done as breeders, it all came back to this wonderful person it gave us unconditional love, affection and loyalty. We will never see his like again and we will miss him in the future as much as we do right now.

[one_third extra=”” anim=””]Anchor Best Veteran 2012Anchor, Best Veteran 2012[/one_third]
[one_third extra=”” anim=””]Anchor Best Veteran 2010Anchor, Best Veteran 2010[/one_third]
[one_third extra=”” anim=””]Anchor BOW at the NationalAnchor, Best of Winners at the PWDCA National Specialty at age 9 months[/one_third]

Neocles Calimel Cracker Jack, “C.J.”

Neocles Calimel Cracker Jack

my constant heart

beats no longer at my feet
the dark warm eyes no longer look at me with love
the silky soft hair is gone from my touch
the body that performed midair miracles is still
the voice that mumbled yammered
and harped is silenced
the hug that filled my heart is absent
the joyful soul no longer sings
the one who stood watch so diligently stands no more
my son, my constant companion, is gone
. . . and my heart breaks

Friendship’s Chloe, “Chloe”

Friendship’s Chloe

I have lost my dearest love,
the one whose eyes pierced my soul.
They were knowing, wise, sparkling eyes.
Smiling, spirited, eyes
wise beyond all human understanding.
Eyes in which I saw the
face of God.

She was a gift.



Sparky wasn’t a show dog, although he came from a line of champions

I’d be hard pressed to say he was even a “good dog” in the sense most people use the term. But a good friend… you would not find one better.

Sparky had a huge personality, was extremely smart, and had a ton of energy. Every day with him was a true adventure filled with fun and excitement. He enriched our lives for seven full years and is sorely missed by our family and friends. He will never be forgotten.

Godspeed Sparky,
Good Boy!

HIT U-CDX, CH Seabreeze Baquerio Galante CDX WWD CGC ROM

HIT U-CDX CH Seabreeze Baquerio Galante CDX, WWD, CGC, ROM

Splash came to us as a 5-year-old who had become “persona non grata” at his first home due to his exuberant nature and large size.. He knew little about being a house dog but quickly became our protector and good friend. Although he never learned the “no shopping on countertop rule”, he learned new lessons and earned his titles to the amazement of our friends. More gradually, he learned to hunt squirrels, run and do other doggie things that had been disallowed.

He was a great ham. He always did better at a show than in practice and was a kind and gentle boy. Being on the large side, I was worried when he first started at nursing homes as a therapy dog but he seemed to understand the frail nature of the folks there and was much loved by all the residents. He even had a trick to show off, sitting up like a circus dog. He amazed me earning his WWD by ignoring a tasty duck on the way to his floating line and ended up 3rd in superdog at the San Rafel specialty. He was a BIG chow hound.

Splash loved everyone and could not get enough cuddles to make up for his first years. At age 13 he had to undergo surgery for osteosarcoma of the hard palette but he battled back quickly and lived 2 ½ more years dining in style on soft food and getting quite spoiled. We only wish we had had even more time with this great fellow.
memorial-splash2 HIT U-CDX CH Seabreeze Baquerio Galante CDX WWD CGC ROM